HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing:

EHR Solutions become value adder for start up ,small, mid-sized, start up, family-run businesses in managing completer cycle of HR.
EHR Solutions provide in depth support at par with your industry domain and as well as govt compliance to manage human capital effectively and efficiently.
EHR Solutions act as real HR business partner with the client to support his client in the real time business expansion. In Outsourcing model, EHR Solutions work as an extended arm of the organization to handle the complete HR function. EHR Solutions deploy our HR consultant/s on-site at your location(s) to manage and support the HR function as internal HR

EHR solutions handle your entire gamut of HR activities, which includes:
    • Compensation & Benefits

    • Determine HR Strategy

    • Employee Care Plan/ Developmental Initiatives

    • Exit Management

    • Handling Employee Grievances

    • Induction & On boarding

    • Performance Management

    • Personal File & Data Management

    • Policy Making

    • Recruitment & Selection

    • Systems & Policies